boy Kris

Atlantic States Leather boy 2019

boy kris is a rambunctious and playfully active boy in the Washington, D.C. Leather Community. He is proudly collared to his Daddy Daniel and currently serves as the Treasurer for the newly reformed DC boys of Leather, is an associate member of Panthers L&L, and a founding member of the League of Atlanta Pups (LAP). After venturing into the Atlanta Eagle in 2011, he found the tribe that would ultimately help him unearth his Leather-heart as a boy of service. At events, he can often be found slinging Jell-O shots, on his knees selling raffle tickets for charity, or providing service with a smile in a few dark corners.  Don’t let his innocent smile fool you, boy kris is an accounting professional by day but at night he is a pig that is often on the prowl for someone to give him a helping hand and yet always strives to be that helping hand to those who need it the most. He believes that every person in O/our Community, regardless of background, deserves a safe space that enables T/them to discover and live T/their own unique truth and pursue T/their kinks without fear or judgement.

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