Briar Wood

International Community Bootblack 2015

Sout Central Community Bootblack 2015

Briar is queer Leather Woman who is driven by service but will also happily steer that bus as she educates and shares her talents in the art of Bootblacking and Community Service. Briar’s journey has taken her from a quiet and shy thing to a proud force to be reckoned with that you see today. She is thrilled to have found the largest fraternity of shenanigan seekers in the Leather world – the BOOTBLACKS and that giggle emanating from the stands usually means she is up to no good…again!

Briar’s Rap Sheet Includes the following groups near and dear to her heart:
• 2015 International Community Bootblack, representing ILSb/ICBB
• 2015 South Central Community Bootblack
• Former Team Friendly DFW – Director At Large (Women’s Initiatives)
• NLA-D Treasurer
• Beyond Vanilla Committee Member and Bootblack Coordinator
• WILL - Bootblack Coordinator
• SPLF - Bootblack Coordinator
• DFW Bootlab Co-Founder
• NLA-I Member
• Judging and education

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