Brie DeVine - Emcee & Co-Host

Miss All Star National At Large 2020

aka - Ryan Scott

aka - Pup Kanoa

Miss Brie Devine is also known as Kanoa. Started her career 16 years ago in St. Louis Missouri. She started with amateur shows at Boxers and Briefs nightclub.  After winning Miss faces armature night back in 2004. That fateful night launched her career. After some time, she was invited to become part of the cast of the Friday night shows, with appearing in the Wednesday and Saturday shows, which had two shows that night. Along with performing all over the St. Louis metro in addition to the Missouri State region. While her drag career grew   she was also studying dance. Coming from a Hawaiian heritage she started her dance career very young with Hawaiian dance then moving on to Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and modern. Which led her to becoming a Principal male dancer for Consuming Kenites Dance company, Core member of other dance companies, competition teams, and becoming a dance teacher. In addition to teaching, performing, choreographing for many color guard groups. 

 With her Knowledge of female impersonation from her training from her drag family along with her dance background she started her pageant career as a backup dancer.  After back- up dancing she learned the in and out of pageantry. Then she decided to take the chance and ran for her first City title. And to her surprise she won! She decided to run for her first prelim to a national pageant. Through the years of winning and losing titles she continued to grow while being a major part of the community and helped fight the gap between the sub communities in the LGBTQIA community. 

     Then tragedy struck which led her to step away from female impersonation for a few years. During those few years he (kanoa) was able to re-find and re-define himself. After finding his voice in the bear, kink and leather communities he discovered his pup side which led him to again be a voice for the kink, leather and bear communities. Using his voice to promote tolerance, acceptance, and understanding between our sub communities in our LGBTQIA community.

After Moving to the Baltimore area in 2015. He found himself in a whole new world and having to rediscover where he belongs. Through the grace of joining Command MC he was able to re-join the leather and kink community. Thu that connection he was able to be part of Bears Bikers and Mayhem one of the largest Bear leather runs in the country. Leading him to become the Assistant manager of one the premiere leather bars Baltimore Eagle. Re-finding his love and passion for female impersonation and “Boom” Brie was Once again reborn. She re- debut at the Baltmore Eagle Nest nightclub and a Cast member for the Friday night show drag shows Shegella Browns Bottom-more review along with becoming host for their “Queens who Brunch” drag brunch show. After working with the cast, management and performing in other shows around the area she was able to have another show of her own at the Lord Baltimore Hotel “Tea Dance'' which had a great successful run till the show was dis-sponged for reason out of her control. In addition to becoming the host and MC of the Mid-Atlantic States leather Boy and Sir contest 

    Recently she got back into the pageant world once again with earning the honor of becoming Miss Charm City Triple Threat 2019. Throughout her reign he had used her platform of tolerance and equality to help bridge the gap between the sub communities of Drag, Leather Bear, along with other sub communities. With the understanding   and promotion of “Unity” with in the Community., and “Leather and Feather must stay together for those who are the ones whom thru the 1st bricks.  Now today as reigning as Miss All Star National 2020 she continues the help grow, promote and up lit the communities around her with the ideology of acceptance, tolerance, and equality for all.

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