Callie girl

Atlantic States Community BootBlack 2018

George Hicks

Atlantic States Leather SIR 2018

Callie girl was born an army brat in Georgia and finally landed in Virginia. She started her journey within this community in Baltimore about 4 years ago, and eventually coming out in the Hampton Roads community 3 years ago.

Callie girl started on her Leather path about 1.5 years ago, identifying as a submissive middle bootblack. She thrives off of community service, volunteering and making herself available to anyone that needs help especially for any bootblacking needs. Callie girl founded and co-leads Hampton Roads Bootblacks, Hampton Roads Little Scouts, Mr.Friendly Team Virginia and founded and serves as Road Master for Old Dominion girls of Leather. She also founded and helped create a space for Virginia Community Town Hall.

While she’s not busy planning activities and attending events for her groups, she loves to take advantage of every opportunity to teach and learn.  She loves living by her mantra “ill teach you everything I know!” Callie has taught bootblacking privately to quite a few people, and even has taught publically for community groups. No matter what level of experience she always looks to attend whatever educational she is able to brush up on her knowledge.

She is the current 2018 Atlantic States Community Bootblack title holder, and works to educate and promote bootblacking within our communities throughout the region.

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