Contest Staff

SIR Robert

Executive Producer Atlantic States Leather SIR, boy and Community Bootblack

Mr. eXile 2010, Columbus, OHIO

Mama's Buckeye Nut

Sir Robert is the Executive Producer for the Atlantic States Region. Sir Robert resides in Baltimore, MD with his husband Michael. Sir Robert and Michael are no strangers to the SIR and boy Lifestyle, their family includes Michael's Daddy (Daddy Matt) and Robert's boy (boy David). 


Sir Robert has been producing contests since October of 2010 which was his very own step down as Mr eXile 2010 which was held at the eXile bar in Columbus, Ohio. In 2013 Sir Robert took a break from Producing to focus on his relationships with his family and his education. During this time Sir Robert could be found often at leather events in the Atlantic Region and emceeing preliminary contests to International Mr Leather (IML)


In 2017 Sir Robert was asked to step back in to the arena and produce the Atlantic States Region. Sir Robert is very honored and humbled to be involved with the International Leather SIR, boy and Community Bootblack (ILSb-ICBB) family! 

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