boy Trell

Atlantic States Leather boy 2017

At 35, boy Trell Walters has held four titles: Atlantic States Leather boy 2017, Mr. North American Daddy Bear 2015, Mr. Bare it All 2015 and Mr CT Bear 2014. 


He is an advocate for the HIV Stigma Project, HIV Equals and Aids Project New Haven. Since 2013, Trell has judged at multiple contests; participated in hundreds of local and national pride, awareness and fundraising events. He also actively participates in Onyx, BBM, CLAW, FLAG, IML, LA&M, Mr. Friendly and the True Colors LGBT Youth Conference. Boy Trell is a active member of Mama's Family and raises funds for the Sharon St. Cyr Fund and is founder of the No boy Left Behind project.


Trell works for FedEx and is into many different kinks. He a happily collared boy to Atlantic States Leather Sir 2017.


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