Tom Matt

Atlantic States Leather SIR 2017

SIR Tom is Atlantic States Leather SIR 2017 and the past Mr. CT Leather 2016. He was First-runner-up at MAL 2016 and competed at IML 38 and has appeared in two national leather calendars.


SIR Tom came out during the Stonewall riots and has been part of the leather community for 48 years and travels extensively.  SIR also has experience in the porn industry dating back to the 1970’s.  He recently retired from his job as a Behavioral Research Scientist with the CDC to join a special committee with the World Health Organization studying a new epidemic effecting our community. SIR also dedicates his time gratis performing pre surgical assessments in the Transgendered community and teaches Leather 101 at the annual True Colors LGBT Conference.


SIR is a champion in two HIV stigma projects and is an ardent supporter of women and poc in our community and is a avid supporter of the LA&M, The Leather Heart Foundation and the Leather History Preservation Foundation. SIR has been Clean & Sober for 15 years and is happily partnered to boy Trell Walters.

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