Frat Daddy George

Atlantic States Leather SIR 2018

Sir George first came upon the leather scene as an adolescent when he was exposed to the writings of John Retchy and works of Tom of Finland. He explored leather culture and the bar scene at an early age and immersed himself in “Old Guard” training and protocols. 

Formerly a member of STARS, MC of Albany, Sir George is a full member and Road Captain of Bay State Marauders. He held the title of Atlantic States Leather SIR 2018, and placed First Runner Up International Leather SIR at ILSb-ICBB 2018. His home bar has honored him with the title Chez Est “Leather Sir for Life” where he produces and hosts a code night open to all. The Imperial Courts of Western Massachusetts and All of Connecticut have designated him as “Protector of the Empress”, and “Protector of the Realm”, respectively.

Affectionately known as “Frat Daddy” by friends and those he refers to as his “Leather Fraternity”, Sir George works to bridge the generational gap between New and Old Leather by teaching as well as listening.

Himself a survivor of domestic abuse, his mission is to give those who have been victimized in the Leather and Kink community a voice. He currently lives in Massachusetts with his partner “The handsome Mark Richards” and their boy.

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