boy John Urso

boy john was born in Pittsburgh, PA, where he began exploring leather/BDSM in his 20’s. He currently resides in Baltimore with his SIR and leather brothers. he earned the permanent collar of SIR John Krikorian in 2011 and married his SIR in 2016. boy john embraces strict protocols, good manners, proper etiquette and strives to lead by example. He is also proud of his mischievous and playful nature. he participates in fundraisers and leather events around the country and mentors other leatherboys and bootblacks. he is "Mamas True Leatherboy”, Atlantic States Leather Community Bootblack 2017 and International Community Bootblack 2017.

International Community Bootblack 2017

Atlantic States Leather Community Bootblack 2017

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