Master Sir Ra

Mid Atlantic  Handler 2018/2019


I have a F@&$in’ question, 

What’s in a name?


 To Eli,  scene name “Master Sir Ra” 

Pronunciation ”ma-str Sir-Ra”  one’s Name and Honorifics, in our community, mean a lot! 

Showing up and showing out within the Leather Community since the early 2000’s, He has been called many names by many people. He has been known most widely as Mr. Maryland Leather 2016, but that was just the beginning.


He remembers being called boy while being mentored by his Sir Nagrom Manceaux, a distinguished Artist and honorable Leatherman of Baltimore, Maryland; then was covered as Sir in early spring  of 2015; then was recognized as Master by His slave Master Ryuuza Tatsujin Sable in mid-Fall of 2019 


He is also known as Opulence o2NYx and is a proud full member and brother of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of ONYX – a National Leather and Kink Fraternity for gay and bisexual men of color brotherhood -  working in many capacities, including assistant Pledge Master from 2014-2015, and Big Brother to three new pledge intake lines. 


He is known to many people in many different roles. Eli is the founder and Head of Household to the Illuminati House Of Ra Leather Family.( #IHOR) where he’s called Daddy by his Boys, and Mentor by his protégé, and a Master by His slave. 

His BDSM Leather Family dynamic and involvement with the east cost Leather and Kink community, and affiliation with ONYX , and as associate membership of  COMMAND and Baltimore Shipmates, has helped him embrace His kinks to educate and mentor members of the community every chance he gets. As Head of Household of his Leather Family of seven, THE Illuminati House of Ra (#IHOR) has stood by Master Sir Eli’s motto to show up and show out in every way they can, to support in and out of our Leather Community with spearheading the #IHORGIVESBACK Project with sponsors of toiletry drives at leather events to provide drinking water and toiletry packets to homeless members and transgender youth within our community from Baltimore to Atlanta. His Leather Family will be spearheading “Kink University” during 2020 Bear, Bikers and Mayhem in partnership with Chuck & Greg King. 


His pups, and those in the pup play community see Him as a Handler. For this reason, He is currently your Mid Atlantic Handler 2018/2019, who also Judged at the Mid Atlantic Pups & Handlers contest in 2017.


As First Runner up DC Eagle 2017, he created a safe space in social media for all who have had the heart to run as a titleholder holder and placed second to the winner, to which they had a place to land and still be empowered to not give up on their experience, and to vent and decompress.

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