Margaret - Stage Manager

Margaret, like many people, began somewhere else and has found home in the Mid Atlantic community.

She is a lifelong member of FIST (Baltimore/DC) and a founding member of the Mid Atlantic girls of

Leather. She lives in Essex, MD with her DaddyLee, and her SirBuz. In 2017, the family was honored to

have the 19th annual 12 Days of Christmas dedicated to them, in recognition for their many years of

commitment to the fundraising event. Margaret also received the 2019 COMMAND MC award in

“Recognition of Service to Maryland Leather”.

Margaret is a board member of FIST, an associate member of both COMMAND MC, and Hooker & Boys.

Having served her community as Southeast Bootblack 2009 and 2010, Margaret now supports her

community through volunteerism. She has been a titleholder, judge, tally master, stage manager,

workshop presenter, board member, gopher, and many other things. Currently, Margaret is a member

of the production staff for Mr. Maryland Leather, Atlantic States Leather, Mid-Atlantic Leather

Woman/Bootblack, MX Virginia Leather, Women of Drummer, and 12 Days of Christmas - a Hooker &

Boys production.

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