boy Justin

Atlantic States Leather boy 2018

Justin Charles aka (boy Hulk)was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2014, he began to discover leather and soon after, his desire to be a leatherboy. He decided to reach out into the community and met SIR John Krikorian, who became his guide, mentor and surrogate SIR.

Given his big stature, Justin struggled as a young adult with his submissive tendencies until he met SIR John, who exposed him to a community that accepts submissives, loves them and knows how to treat them. He also very quickly learned what discipline and protocols are. It was then that boy Justin proudly let the guard down and stepped into the leather community. Most importantly, he began to accept his many kinks & fetishes.

Boy Justin would go on to compete in his first ever leather bar title in Rehoboth Beach Delaware and won the Mr. Double L 2015 title. He quickly learned that title holders should serve their community and began doing so by participating in various fund raisers, including a toy drive for kids. He then would compete for the Mr. Maryland 2016 title and placed as first runner up. 

In September of 2017, boy Justin competed for and won the title of Atlantic States Leatherboy 2018. He would later go on to represent the Atlantic States Region as their Leatherboy at International LeatherSir, Leatherboy, and Community Bootblack over Labor Day weekend 2018 in Dallas were he would place as 1st Runner up for International Leatherboy. Also boy Justin was honored and happy to have been chosen to serve as judges boy for the International Leather Bear contest later on that year. 

boy Justin believes you can be a boy of the community and not be the community’s boy an wants to mentor new boys coming into the community on protocols and most importantly to let them know being a Leatherboy has to start with your heart and not with the Leather you wear. Also this big boy loves to give tons of hugs!

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