Amy " Foxxy" Phillips

Mid Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack 2019

Mid Atlantic Leather Woman 2018

Please welcome our 6th Judge: Amy "Foxxy" Phillips, Mid Atlantic Leather Woman 2018 and Mid Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack 2019

Foxxy got her love of shined boots from being in the military, and then military adjacent for many years. Now she is keeping boots shined in the Mid Atlantic. She has served as 2018 the Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and 2019 Mid Atlantic LeatherWoman BootBlack. She resides in Baltimore and is also a member of F.I.S.T and runs a blog on BDSM title “The Black Pomegranate”, partnering with MrBLK for this venture. The Black Pomegranate has appeared at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit twice, CatalystCon, Otakon - among others.

Her mission is to create space for everyone who wants to be here, and to help when a hand is needed.

Foxxy likes breaking molds of what a bootblack should be - as a Femme Top, bootblacking is as much about the shine as about service to the community. Bootblacking is for her isn’t about which product everyone is using or how expensive your boots are, it’s about “Sharing a moment in your boots”.

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