Congrats boy Kristopher and Bootblack Ryder on Joining the Atlantic States Leather Family!

Wow, what an incredible weekend. It has taken me a couple of days to process the weekend. That being said, there are many people to thank.

First, Thank you to O/our 2018 title family. Sir George Hicks, boy Justin Charles and girl Cait Saum (Callie!) You all have done such a great job representing O/our region. As I said during the contest, many people say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same location. Ah, but it does! You brought back the first-runner up Silver medals for SIR and boy, along with the golden brush awards. That is an awesome accomplishment; especially for our 2nd year. Thank you all for that.

Second, I would like to take a moment to thank O/our co-producer and now Board Member, boy Alex Lemaire. It has been a busy year for you and me. We pulled off a great event, even after having the location changed.

Third, I would like to thank Don Davis and the staff of Grand Central Nightclub(Bartenders and DJ) for giving U/us a great venue to host our contest in. Top Notch!

Fourth, Our Judges and Staff; It takes a village of people to put these things together and make them run smoothly. To Karen and Linda for volunteering to sit at the door and run registration on both Friday and Saturday. Karen Taylorespecially, because she has been there at registration for 3 years (since the very beginning). To William Sample for being new to all of this and helping not only set up but make sure that we were running smoothly and lending the helping hand when needed. To our Lady, and ever loving Magic Fingers Susan Weinstein for interpreting our event. Our Den Daddy and Den boy – Matt Kenney and boy Michael Mayer (my husband), The two of you not only handle the contestants and get them ready but also help with set up and tear down. That is always a big help.

Our Emcee and Master of Ceremonies -- Bob Johnson and Ryan Scott aka Brie Devine; you both had such a great time and great chemistry thank you both for that. Dennis W. Ober, our Tally Master, thank you for your service to this event and to the community; you always lend your support. Elora Frost for entertaining us.

To our Judges --- our 2017 Title Family, Sir Tom Matt, boy Trell Walters and Bootblack boy John Urso ( who coincidentally went on to win the International Bootblack Title), Nina Love, Justin B Terry-Smith, Briar Wood, Raquel Phillips, Gérard Turner and Jim T. Coleman W/we know it is hard to sit down and be judgey but you all make it look so easy. And our judges boy who tirelessly runs for the judges and tally master Derrick Otter Starr thank you for volunteering and doing this for us. Also, a big thank you to Sir John Krikorian for donating the full run badges as you have done in the past!

To our vendors, Erika (Elfish Art), boy David Zeidler, and Anubis Gear (Cameron DeBerry) thank you all for coming and lending us support. To O/our Media --- Baltimore Outloud, @Leather Mosaic (Master Bella Price andslave Rooks Templar) thank you for covering the event. W/we cannot wait to see the write ups and pics and videos. A big thank you to our donors for the great donations.

Lastly, to our new 2019 title family. It take allot of courage to stand up and represent a community --- especially, when Y/you’re standing there all alone competing against yourselves. That challenge is harder than anything. With that being said, congratulations to Y/you both, and welcome to the Atlantic States Leather SIR, boy and Community Bootblack family boy Kristopher Davis and bootblack Ryder Tidwell!

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