O/our boy Kristopher's step-aside speech

This year and a half has been rollercoaster of experiences representing our region as your Atlantic States Leatherboy 2019. When I won this title, I had two core goals. 1. To Solemnly swear to be up to no “good” by living my authentic self and live my truth as the slutty cumdump fist pig boy that you all know me to be and 2. to encourage others to come out of their shells and live their truths as well.

The first one was easy., with my travels across this country stretching from Boston to San Diego, and San Francisco to Miami, I attended roughly 45 events including World Pride in NYC for the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, IML-IMBB, CLAW, BBM, all the ILSb-ICBB feeders, Folsom, MAL x2 , SITC, MIR x2, Bear Week, PSLP, and the majority of the major events in our region. You best believe I was living my best life by getting my stretch and fill in every city I visited. I had the honor and privilege to represent our region in hotel lobbies, bathhouses, bars, backrooms, hotel rooms, under a dock, in an alley.... A fond memory of mine happened at the IML-IMBB Victory party. Picture it…a giant multi-tiered dance club packed full of hot Leatherfolk dancing and sweating to the beat with the smell of musk, leather, and sex filling the air. Now Two-tiers up picture yours truly bent over the balcony next to another guy with us getting our holes fisted out to the beat by a friend ridding his piggy chariot for all to see. This was the epitome of me living my truth in the moment.

But this extended title year was not just a cum and fist filled orgy across the country. Throughout this year, I got to meet and share space with people from all walks of life in our collective Leather space. Yeah, I enjoy having sex at events but the most meaningful experiences this year were the intimate conversations getting to know people and hearing their stories. What was also meaningful was attending all the ILSb-ICBB feeders and seeing the people that I would soon call brothers and take the stage alongside in Dallas. One could say I was sizing up my competition and see who I had to Tonya Harding but more than that, I was there to show support be a brother to my 2019 ILSb-ICBB classmates.

Competing at ILSb-ICBB in Dallas was a challenge. But I brought my authentic self to that stage, had a kinky sadistic demo that was one for the history books, made Crisco fly into the audience and I am proud that I came in as first runner up for International Leatherboy. I brought home to our region the first runner-up medal for the second year in a row for International Leatherboy, showing the other regions that Atlantic States is a force to be reckoned with. I had the honor of receiving something that means more to me then the title I was competing for: the Golden Paddle, the brotherhood award for the boy category – voted on by our class. Afterward, I asked my class brothers why they voted for me, and the common response was “you were there for me every step of the way and even before I ran.” This to me is what being Leather is about, supporting each other, building lifelong connections, and providing shelter, love and warmth under its roof. I am not the only one who got a brotherhood award, however. My sash brother, pup Ryder, your Atlantic States Community Bootblack 2019, won the Golden Brush, again showing the hard work and dedication that our region has for our community. Competing at ILSB-ICBB gave me a family of brothers that I know I can rely upon. And for the record, #JbabyismyILb

This year has also been a year of fundraising. Some of you might not know but this year I did not use any of the travel fund and instead paid for everything out of my own pocket. I sold pins with half of all proceeds going to the future ASLSb-ASCBB travel fund. I am happy to announce that going to my future sash children is $700 from my pin sales and other fundraising efforts, plus the $590 that was my portion of the travel fund last year for a grand total of $1290 towards the travel fund of this year’s winners.

The other half of my fundraising efforts was designated to go to Brother Help Thyself. I am happy to announce that on Thursday this week I made a donation of $700 to Brother Help Thyself to help aid them on their noble work of supporting LGBTQIA organizations across the DMV region. This combined with the $373 I raised for my Facebook birthday fundraiser, makes my total contributions to Brother Help Thyself during my title year to $1073.

Now for my thank yous.

First and foremost to the man who holds my heart, and to whom I am proudly collared and in-service to my Daddy, Daddy Daniel: Daddy, you have been my rock. You are the man that I know I can rely on to help keep me sane, and motivate me to do better, comfort me in times of sickness and in sadness, and be that voice to try to remind me that I cannot be at or do everything. When I was away, I looked forward to coming home to you and your comforting bear cuddles. Without you, I don’t think I would have made it to half the things I did, or have the spoons to be out and about. Thank You Daddy, I love you so much and I hope I have made you proud.

To my sash brother/sash corgi, Pup Ryder: well we made it brother we did the thing. I am so happy for the bond that we developed over this time in title. From the moment I met you I fell in love with your funny little snarky quips and that sassiness that makes you, you. You are an amazing pup and you were another ear for when I needed to talk on our far-flung adventures together. Your dedication to your craft of bootblacking shines ever forth in your work, and I will always think of you as my brother. Question though, do I still disgust you? – Inside Joke

Our region did not a have a Sir and the Southeast region did not have a boy or bootblack, So Ryder and I joined forces with Jonathan White, Southeast Leather Sir to form what we called the East Coast Leather Family to take the country by storm.

With that I must thank Sir Jonathan White, he is a longtime friend of mine from my days of living in Atlanta. JonJon we have come a long way, from our daily phone calls on our way to work, to airports, at events. You are also a rock to me. I remember you comforting me after I broke down backstage at ILSb-ICBB were I thought I bombed my interview. You held me and calmed me down so I could continue. You have always encouraged me to chase my dreams. You helped get me a job before I graduated from college, you helped me move to DC. You play such a big part of my life, always had my back and I love you. I am happy we also got to share the Titleholder experience together as well.

To my ILSb-ICBB Class: I had the honor and privilege to get to know you all at your respective regionals and leading up and during ILSb-ICBB. We had our fun and our jokes backstage but you all supported me when I was my weakest and I thank you for the bottom of my heart. For one of you, we were originally IML sash wives. For another, you became the little baby bro from for which I will always protect, but we are all brothers for life and my door is always open. To the winners: the sexy DaddySir, the Slothy Bootblack AJ, and again that little rambunctious baby, Jbaby – Congratulations and I am here for you!

To my producer Sir Robert: thank you for the opportunity you gave me to show our region and the country what a kinky pig I am. Thank you for helping me prep for ILSb-ICBB, couching me, providing constructive criticism, and the encouragement and the support to go out and do all things. During ILSb-ICBB you took great care of Ryder and I, including making sure we were fed and had what we needed.

To my brothers in the DC boys of Leather: you guys put up with me being gone so long and often that I am surprised you still call me a brother. Thank you to all the members of my club that supported me in my endeavors and helped with bar nights, events, and fundraisers My title year reflects on the club and I hope I have done you all proud.

To FM Leather and Gerard Turner: thank you both for your artistry and craftsmanship. Your designs and execution helped me present to the world my piggy authentic self at any event I attended. Felix, your attention to detail is second to none and Gerard, your designs are beautiful. I know there was an audible gasp in the audience when I walked onto the ILSb-ICBB stage.

To those that offered me advice and helped couch me for my regional run last year and for ILSb-ICBB, there are too many of you to name: thank you for time, wisdom, guidance. You all helped propel me forward and be a better me.

To my Judges at the regional and international levels, you all saw something in me and I thank you for your constructive comments and advice on how I can improve. Thank you for granting me this experience of representing our region, and giving me the honor of being first runner up for International Leatherboy.

Lastly thank you to everyone in our region who supported me, It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve our region as Atlantic States Leather boy 2019 and with that Mischief Managed! This is not the last time you will see me, I will continuously represent our region, wherever this life takes me.. To my future sash children, I am here for you no matter what, I will help you, and I will be present with you every step of the way.

I would like to leave you all with one final thought. We are a community and a family – there will never be a moment in which we will all agree with one another or live in perfect harmony. We all have flaws and to expect perfection in everyone’s heart, body, mind and actions 100% of the time is a fool’s errand and is toxic. Perfection does not exist. To burn the house down because of one infraction on your quest for your perceived notion of a what a perfect community looks like is not how you build community, it is how you tear it apart. If you burn down the house, then there will be nothing left to protect those remaining or to welcome those whom are seeking its warmth, love, and shelter.

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