George Hicks

Atlantic States Leather SIR 2018

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Sir George began his leather journey as a teenager the day he picked up a well-worn copy of John Rechy’s “The Sexual Outlaw” at a yard sale. The leathermen portrayed in the legendary documentary spoke to him, leading him eventually to leather bars and exposure to the leather and BDSM culture. He received training in Old Guard traditions, and ultimately pledged to STARS MC.

Sir George was inspired to mentor after a chance encounter with a college student who showed interest in learning the history of leather culture; expressing the desire to train under him. This developed into a reputation as a Dom SIR who enjoys teaching and training the younger generation, while respecting and hearing what they, themselves, have to offer as the culture adapts to changing times.

Affectionately known as Frat Daddy by friends and what he refers to as his “leather fraternity”, Sir George works to promote risk aware consensual kink practices. Himself a survivor of abuse, his mission is to give those who have been victimized in the leather/BDSM community a voice. “No matter if you identify as a sub, a boy, a slave; know that you have a voice and it deserves to be heard.”

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