Vince  Andrews

Author; Leatherboy Handbook

Vince began his journey in 2000 as a boy, then becoming a ward, and finally, in 2010, Vince became a switch. Vince has previously had two boys under consideration (aka Training) but were never collared. He has proudly mentored many boys/ Sirs and switches over the years. Vince has had one ward, Tyesha Best and currently has one mentee, boy rylee spire who is his current reflection. He knows there will be more and looks forward to that experience in the years to come.

As an author, he has published four books; The leatherboy handbook 1st edition, The Complete leatherboy Handbook 2nd edition, and To Walk with Strangers. His recent book, The Leather and BDSM Handbook was released in the fall of 2018. He is co-owner of Adynaton Publishing and has dedicated his work with that company to give other authors in the kink community a voice in print for the future.

Vince has participated in many educational leather classes, both as a demo and instructor. Vince has served as President NLA International for 4yrs and Wisdom Keeper for 8yrs. He has been involved in the contest circuit since 2002 when he won Kansas boy leather and has a history of producing on the local, state and regional levels over the last 17 years.

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