Mid Atlantic Leatherwoman Bootblack 2018

Bumper is a Queer Leatherwoman from the southeast corner Virginia whose journey began in 2013 in the Southeast. In 2016 she discovered the Mid-Atlantic and realized very quickly, “this is home”. She is forever grateful to be your Mid Atlantic Leatherwoman Bootblack 2018. She committed her title year and continues today, to educating the Mid-Atlantic region about bootblacking as a service and how we “preserve your leather and preserve your history”.
Bumper is a service oriented submissive, a Bootblack, a service top, cigar lover, and an educator. Bumper is a producer of MX Virginia Leather contest (come see us in March). She is the Director for Soles With Heart, a program within The Leather Heart Foundation. She is a producer for Bootblack Round Up beginning in 2021. She is a Full Founding member of Virginia Leatherwomen United (VLU). Bumper is also a moderator and “in service” to The Crossroads Newbie Group, located in southeast Virginia. She is also a founder and leader of Hampton Roads Bootblacks since 2015.
Bumper has presented on many topics at various events up and down the east coast. She is heavily involved in community service, education and fundraising in the Mid-Atlantic region. She will continue to support the greater community for as long as they will have her.

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